About Plantscapades

Since a very young age I have been fascinated by growing plants, trees and flowers, inspired by my mom and dad who spent most of their free time in our big garden and vegetable patch. Growing up, work and travel took me out of the garden for some time but 10 years ago the opportunity came to move to the beautiful South West of France and off I went! It was here where I could get back to what had always been my passion, being surrounded by nature and adding my own little greenhouse to it plus, of course, inviting lovely animals over the years to share this little spot of paradise with me!

As an addition to just growing plants and flowers because they are beautiful or edible, I have become very intrigued by the medicinal properties that they can have and that so many little pains and aches can actually be cured by making a simple tincture or cream yourself. At home. Voilà nothing to it. Or by making certain plants or vegetables part of your diet you can avoid getting certain pains or aches.

I decided to create this website for anyone that is looking for a pure way to improve their diet, fix little aches or pains naturally and overall just become inspired by nature to live cleaner and give back to the planet what it gives to us. Nice pure clean energy and beauty.

Why does Plantscapades exist?

With creating Plantscapades I want to reach people that are looking for simple and natural ways of looking after themselves better. You can feel better, eat better, sleep better even look better just by making little changes in everyday life. Or just by looking at something beautiful.

What can we do for you?

Here at Plantscapades I want to offer you an online ‘garden’ where you will be able to find all kinds of plant related information, from planting advice to recipes, from tutorial videos and books to seed swaps, make it yourself inspiration, beautiful places to visit, to name just a few.

Maybe you would like to team up with other people in the Plantscapades community that is possible too! We have our Facebook page for that and you can join us on Instagram and Pinterest.
This is also a place where you can ask any kind of question regarding plants, health, environment, easy DIY skincare ingredi├źnts, just leave your questions or suggestions in the contact section and we will contact you as fast as we can.

Wishing you a lovely day,


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