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Growing Glass Gem Corn, it’s beautiful, but is it edible?

That was the question I got earlier this year from a colleague who said it was totally useless to grow what he called: ‘ornamental multi colored fake corn’. I had just planted glass gem corn seeds in my garden and was soooo excited about the beautiful colored corn I was hoping to get in the…

What is a herbal tincture? And how to make one yourself

Years ago, when I was a Homeopathic medicine newbie, I wanted to use a more natural product to boost my immune system. I was working in an office at the time and everyone seemed to be constantly having a cold or cough all year round. Didn’t know much about the effect of air conditioners back…

Essential oils on the belly button, is it effective?

Recently I have been looking into natural ways to fix my knee problem. A few years back I twisted it very badly and ever since the pain comes and goes. I came across a very interesting article on a French website that explained in full detail how the body can heal itself through the belly…

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